Natasha Oakley wears allSisters

They’ve done it again… allSisters Swimwear has blown it out of the water with todays #BOTD. A classic, backless one piece with V-neck for a modern take on a timeless design. The V-neck adds a little dimension to the design, it lengthens the neck and shapes the shoulders for a more feminine look. We love this suit, this brand and everything they are about! X

Location: Sailing boat in Miami, Florida.

Summer ’16 – Celeb Hotspots!

There are certain places we feel we know. The best restaurants, the most beautiful beaches – certainly the most luxurious hotels. We haven’t necessarily been; our only experience with these places is the portrayal of them in the media, where they are referred to time and time again because of their popularity with celebrities.

And, look – we don’t blame you for wanting to live like them. We really don’t. So much so, we’ve decided to help you do it. In fact, Instagram fomo is now a thing of the past… Want to know where this Summers’ most infamous spots were and who you can expect to see there? Keep reading…

The Hamptons


The popularity of this New York retreat is endless. Just as Sex and the City and Gossip Girl showed us, it’s packed with the most glamorous of parties (does anyone not remember Serena in that dress at the White Party, or Nate cavorting with a very youthful Liz Hurley?).
We can dream. But let us tell you, it’s exactly like you see in the pictures. We had the most amazing time in The Hamptons last month as guests at the Revolve House and, as per instructed, partied the night away in style.

Side note: If you want to see more of our time in The Hamptons with Revolve,

Where to stay:

There are a few Inns and B&B’s in The Hamptons, but as a warning, you’re bank account might feel this one. Chances are, if you have friends in NYC, the likelihood of them having connections in The Hamptons is fairly high. It’s worth a shot – besides, when it comes to a hotspot like The Hamptons, the more the merrier.

However, if all else fails, we recommend the Capri Inn, Southampton.

Who goes?

Tash Oakley & Rachel Barnes
Hailey Baldwin
Tash Oakley & Devin Brugman Chrissy Teigen & John Legend with Emily Ratajkowski
Jasmine Sanders & Kim Kardashian West



Ibiza has always been in vogue. It’s basically everything you could wish for in a vacation: sun, sea, sand and the most epic parties. The north of the island is slightly more picturesque with dramatic coastlines and stunning scenery, and is way ‘calmer’ in the way of nightlife.
But, if you’re willing to take it a step further, take a boat out to Formentera, the Island’s stunning, Caribbean-esque sister. When we say Caribbean, we mean it. The seas could be mistaken for Bora-Bora, and the sand could have been sourced off the coast of Jamaica. We must warn you; other than a few banging beach clubs (restaurants), there isn’t much to do. This is a place to relax, to detox and prepare/recover from endless partying back on Ibiza. Obviously.

Where to stay:

Casa Daniela

Or, for the ease of it, your yacht.

Who goes?

Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany
Ruby Rose
Doutzen Kroes


This Greek Island is also a party fave. Funny how all these celebs like a bit of music to go alongside their sandy feet and margaritas… We don’t know if you checked out our guide to the island , but this place is insane. The bluest of skies and the whitest of buildings – every turn you take brings with it a new Instagrammable/ publishable photo op. The food is amazing – head to Spilia for the freshest fish you can imagine, and some top-notch celeb spotting. The restaurant is ‘rustic’, but only enough to make you feel as if you could be at the most unknown place in the world. Until you bump in to Olivia Palermo, that is…

Where to stay:

Taxis are impossible, so for ease and convenience we recommend a villa or hotel in, or near the town. Everything you’ll want to do is there. But there are some awesome hotels, such as the Santa Marina, which are slightly further out but well, well worth it.

Who goes?

Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl
Leonardo Dicaprio & Nina Agdal
Lindsay Lohan

St Barths


This island is one hell of a stunner. Seriously – it’s one of our favorite places in the world. Close enough to the States to get a good deal of celeb-enhanced memories, it has everything you would want for a summer holiday. A hell of a lot of sun. A stupid amount of sand (in a good way). And the best quality of sea. There is a distinctly French atmosphere here too, which means lots of class and elegance – just another thing to make you want to go and soak up those pristine rays.

Where to stay:

The Eden Roc, obviously. We hear it’s a great place to be over New Year too, wink wink.

Who goes?

Bella Hadid
Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
Heidi Klum


Hawaii has been on everyones bucket list forever and ever, so it’s no surprise it made it to our Celeb Hotspot List. Hawaii is known for its volcanic landscape, crystal clear waters, and lush palm greenery – traits all of our favorite tropical destinations have in common. But, Hawaii is a special one, for sure – and as it turns out, we’re not the only ones that think so…

Where to stay?

Kahala Resort

Who goes?

Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom
Jessica Alba
Beyoncé & Jay Z

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is probably breaking news to a lot of people at the moment. Obviously this lagoon paradise hasn’t just sprung up over night, but with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna island hopping and yachting around for birthday celebrations, it’s sure to catch some attention and news spreads pretty quickly with squads like these…

Where to stay?

Obviously, the AirBnB that Kylie Jenner rented…

Pearls of LongBay 3 Villa Beachfront Estate

Who goes?

Lauren Perez & Bella Hadid
Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Lake Como

Lake Como has been graced by some of the more ‘up market’ celebrities Hollywood has to offer. This is a destination meant more for relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family than the fist-pumping party vibes you’ll find in Ibiza. This doesn’t mean to say partying is few and far between… However, Lake Como definitely brings out the cultural side to any holiday and allows for more of a getaway than many of the other Hotspots on this list.

Where to stay?

Villa Napoleon

Who goes?


Ahhh, Mehico. You are so misunderstood. Yes, you can be a terrifyingly dangerous place corrupted by drug cartels and violence, but you also have a soft side. And this, my friends, is the side you want to meet. The language, culture, music, food, landscape and architecture are what captures people most about Mexico, and Tulum is just one of the coastal towns encompassing all of the above – not to mention the most outrageously beautiful coastline you ever set those pretty little eyes on.

Where to stay?

Jashita Hotel, Tulum

Be Tulum Hotel

Who goes?

Cara Delevingne

South of France

If we haven’t already given you enough of a reason to book your next trip to Europe, here’s one more to really push you across the line; The South of France. I mean, would you just look at this place? Every reason you’re experiencing a severe case of #fomo right now is clearly depicted in the above photo. Don’t think it’s real? Well, either did we, so we did some investigating and according to our findings, it totally exist. You can even ask Chrissy Teigen if you don’t believe us…

Where to stay?

Who goes?

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend
Lara & David Stone

Cruisers should care about performance sailing


There’s a problem: many cruisers think that sailing performance isn’t important. Hey, cruising is about slowing down, right?! But dismissing performance is poor seamanship. After some years of listening to cruisers disregard performance and gripe about slow passages, it dawned on me that confusion is to blame.

Our good friend William demonstrated this last year during a fun race in Madagascar. William is a good sailor with much blue water cruising experience. He doesn’t race, but his competitive side, or maybe his social side, was piqued by party and prizes to follow the competition. With his racing cap on he chose a bold spinnaker start while single-handing. It didn’t go well. The gun cracked and his spinnaker tangled, slipped, and dipped…he did not have a good race. On passage William is slow and deliberate when setting a spinnaker, a pace that isn’t very racer-like but ends with a performance boost. Had he stuck with this instead of confusing performance and racing, he would’ve had more to celebrate at the party.

To clarify this issue, let’s forget all about performance; and instead, talk about “efficient sailing.” A rabbit in a bunny suit is still a rabbit, so what’s the point? Comfort and safety come with avoiding or minimizing bad weather, and stress comes from contemplating a three day passage when weather windows only last for two days. Efficient sailing is getting from A to B with minimal effort. What could be more appealing to a cruiser than minimal effort!

Making landfall in Comoros, Indian Ocean

Making landfall in Comoros, Indian Ocean

Sail trim

Racing sailors are pedantic about sail trim. Constant adjustments can yield subtle gains that show when measuring against competitors. We’re not interested in subtle gains. Reasonable sail trim takes no more time than bad sail trim, but yields better speed with less wear and tear to sails.

For example, when reaching and running, a boom vang locks the boom from lifting and dropping due to changing wind pressure on the mainsail. This may seem insignificant, but not using a vang slows you down and will cost you money in repairing a mainsail chafed by rubbing against rigging.

Another example is headsail trim. Sheet blocks are often set for reasonable trim going upwind, which fine, except that most of the time cruisers aren’t sailing upwind. When using an upwind sheeting point for reaching and running, the upper portion of a headsail twists to leeward, spilling wind causing the upper leech to flap. A barber hauler is an easy way to trim the headsail correctly for broader wind angles. This gives a considerable boat speed boost that can be 10 miles and more per day.


Both barber hauler and sheet are used for max efficiency at the wind angle

Sail handling

Racing sailors are well practiced at sail handling for fast transitions. Fast is usually not important or practical for short-handed cruisers, like our friend above. Efficient sail handling from a well setup boat, practice, and good crew communication reduces crew risks and equipment breakages.

Step one is setting up the boat to make sail handling easier. Cruising boats are usually reasonably well set up, but it takes time on the water to learn what works well and what needs improvement. Friction causes the most trouble. Friction makes you weak, and swear like a sailor. I installed a Harken furling system for cruising friends in Singapore. The next day they had words with me because furling was harder than ever. I went back to their boat and tested each furling line guide blocks. Only one of them actually turned, and the rest were easily fixed with fresh water and silicone spray.

Keep winches, blocks, and sheaves in good order. Watch for line chafe and metal fatigue. And give thought to unplanned sail handling events – they happen. When Totem was ghosting along the Pacific ITCZ, the heavy duty stainless steel pad eye securing the mainsheet to the boom sheared off. The part was less than a year old, and failed from slatting force. By chance, I had installed a webbing strop around the boom just in case such a thing happened. The mainsheet was reattached in just a couple minutes.


Pacific, between Mexico and Marquesas. Bonus squall. Rather undesirable twist in the mainsheet….

Step two of efficient sail handling is matching sails to the conditions. This may seem obvious, but it’s common to see people raise the anchor and hoist full sails; then outside of the protected anchorage, bigger wind hits and they scramble to reef the main. This is almost like sport in the eastern Caribbean this spring watching boats poke out from the lee and into the channel between islands. Start the day with a weather forecast and a few moments of observation before getting underway, and don’t forget the impact of geography.

Once underway, reducing sail area is all about observation and timing. In 20 knots of true wind, I can reef our mainsail on my own in 2 minutes –less if more motivated by approaching squall. In 30 knots it takes at least twice as long. Monitoring wind speed and watching for obvious changes (like squalls) and subtle changes (such as increasing gusts) gives you time to adjust sails when it’s still easy.

Approaching the South African coast last November, we expected landfall 6 to 12 hours ahead of forecasted bad weather. With 20 miles remaining of the 1,000 mile trip, we were sailing in gentle conditions with a perfect sunrise, and feeling good. Then I looked up. Above a thin layer of clouds going our way, clouds whipped along in the opposite direction. Bad news: the southerly buster came early! Engine on, we prepared for strong headwinds. At 7 miles to go, wind was 25 to 30 knots on the nose and against the strong Aghulas current. Waves piled up with no gap between them, and our speed dropped under two knots bashing into them. It was a tedious few hours getting in, but each additional hour out there would have been worse.


Devin Brugman wears Rio de Janeiro

TM Rio de Janeiro

Todays #BOTD got a lot of attention when Devin recently wore it on her trip to The Hamptons with Revolve. It’s a classic triangle bikini with contrasting trim to die for. The color, like fine wine, is perfect for this seasons palate. But, you’ll have to keep an eye out for this suit… The Maria Bikini is part of TM’s Summer ’17 Collection and hasn’t actually been released, so keep your finger on the refresh button once you head over to their website. We have a feeling this one will sell fast! X


Location: The Four Seasons, Bora Bora.



Todays #BOTD is by Australian brand, Zingiber. A brand whose “designs are dedicated to the confident, edgy woman who likes to make a statement, take risks while still maintaining an element of sophistication”. This Limited Edition suit, with only 50 made worldwide, is truly one of a kind. Featuring Zingibers classic jacquard fabric and gold embossed label, this is one for the archives! X

Location: Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Every time we have an interview with a magazine or website, the same question seems to always pop up –
“what are your personal beauty regimes?”
After being asked so many times, we feel it’s only fair to share them with you guys as our most loyal readers. We’re taking it to the next level and revealing all of our favorite products at the moment and each of our regimes from morning to night! If you still haven’t gotten enough feel free to ask us your questions on our “Talk To Us” page! x
Morning Routine:
Soy Fresh Face Wash
Rose Petal Face Mist Creme De La Mer
Face Moisturizing Cream Creme De La Mer


Casual Day-To-Day Make Up Look:
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 Color: Nude
Dior Mascara
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eyebrow Gel
Fresh SUGAR Lip Balm Color: Honey
Urban Decay NAKED Eye Shadow Palette Color: #2


Evening Routine:
Clinique Make Up Remover Wipes
Soy Fresh Face Wash
Fresh Rose Petal Face Mask 5 minutes
Creme de la Mer Genaissance Serum
Creme de la Mer Face Moisturizer
Creme de la Mer Eye Cream


Evening/Event Make Up Look:
Yves Saint Laurent Foundation
Tom Ford Wet Palette Highlight/ Contour
Urban Decay Beached Bronzer
YSL Shocking Mascara
Charlotte Tillbury Goddess Eyeshadow Palette
Bobbi Brown Brow Gel
NARS Blush Color: Torrid
MAC Lip Liner Color: Spice


Favorite Nail Colors:
Hands: Essie – Limoscene and Ballet Slippers
Feet: OPI Cajun Shrimp and Limoscene


Favorite Lipsticks:
YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks (any of them- they smell so good!)


Favorite Body Beauty Products:
Nuxe Shimmer Oil (for the beach)
Kopari Shimmer Oil (for the beach)
Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Body
Caudalie Divine Body Oil
Nivea Body Lotion
Fresh Body Scrub Shower


Favorite Hair Products:
Moroccan Oil Hair treatment/ mask
Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner
Bumble and Bumble Beach Spray
L’oreal Satin Hair Spray


Other Products I Swear By:
Creme de La Mer Face Sunscreen SPF 50
Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen
Bvlgari Blanc Bath Teabags
Paw Paw Ointment
Body Shop Body Butter


Morning Routine:
Caudalie Foaming Face Wash
Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir Serum
Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream
Amore Pacific Eye Roller


Casual Day-To-Day Make Up Look:
Caudalie Tinted Moisturizer w/SPF 20 Color: #2
Nars Concealer (for under the eyes and to cover any blemishes) Color: Medium Ginger
M.A.C. Eyeshadow (to fill in brows and for natural brown eye lid color) Color: Espresso
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eyebrow Gel (to brush brows up and keep them in place)
Fresh SUGAR Lip Balm Color: Rose
Nars Blush Color: Torrid
YSL Shocking Mascara


Evening Routine:
Neutrogena Make Up Removing Cleansing Towelettes
Caudalie Foaming Face Wash
Caudalie Moisture Mask (1-2x per week)
Caudalie Purifying Mask (1-2x per week)
Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir Serum
Caudalie Pemier Cru The Eye Cream
Caudalie Vinoperfect Overnight Cell Renewal Cream


Evening/Event Make Up Look:
Charlotte Tillbury ‘Magic’ Foundation Color: #8
Nars Concealer (for under the eyes and to cover any blemishes) Color: Medium Ginger
Charlotte Tillbury ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ Face Sculpt & Highlight
YSL shocking mascara
Urban Decay NAKED Eyeshadow Pallet Color: #2
Bobbi Brown Tinted Eyebrow Gel (to brush brows up and keep them in place)
NARS Blush Color: Torrid
Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil Color: Nude


Favorite Nail Colors:
Hands: Essie Mademoiselle
Feet: Essie Ballet Slippers


Favorite Lipsticks:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Color: Soft Beige
Charlotte Tillbury ‘K.I.S.S.I.N.G’ Lipstick Color: Bitch Perfect


Favorite Body Beauty Products:
Nuxe Shimmer Oil (for the beach)
Kopari Shimmer Oil (for the beach)
Caudalie Body Oil (everyday)
Nitrogen Dry Touch Mineral Sunscreen
Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion
Dove Deep Moisturizing Body Wash
Bobbi Brown Beach Body Scrub
Chanel Chance Perfume


Favorite Hair Products:
Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment
Bumble and Bumble SURF Foam Wash Shampoo & Conditioner
Bumble and Bumble beach spray
Amika Bombshel Blowout Spray
Moroccan Oil Hairspray


Other Products I Swear By:
Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Carmex Healing Lip Balm
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (for blemishes)




Todays #BOTD by Tularosa is perfect for big busts – notice the support… AH-MAZING! It’s also a gorgeous alternative for someone looking for a little more modesty in a bikini bottom, with the delicate lace detailing not only acting as a gorgeous decorative addition, but also a great concealer! Way to kill two birds with one stone. X


Location: Bora Bora, French Polynesia

5 Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Do us a favor right now and pat yourself on the back for all your hard work and dedication! You’re a champion and you deserve to take some time for yourself – and luckily the perfect occasion is fast approaching. Labor Day is such a glorious holiday because it honors the hard working individuals that help make America such an amazing country to live in. Labor day is all about relaxation, celebration, and fun. Now there’s probably a lot of you that have already planned a fabulous and elaborate weekend getaway to zen out. But for those of us who don’t have plans yet, we’re giving you some easy and inexpensive suggestions to make the most out of your Labor Day weekend!

  1. Take a road trip!
    There’s something about hitting the open road and exploring unknown territories that isn’t only relaxing, but adventurerous and exciting. Once the holidays roll around and the cold weather starts to set in, the appeal of a road trip lessens. Driving up the coast to a visit a beautiful beach or heading out into the desert to watch the stars is the perfect easy escape from your busy life. Take your bestie or lover, create the road trip perfect playlist and just go!
  2. Have a BBQ and invite your closest friends.
    Nothing says Labor Day weekend fun like a big BBQ! Do it at a local beach park, in your back yard or preferably at a friends house with a pool. Themed parties are always fun so make it interesting and tell everyone they must come dressed in all white! Make sure to get a couple pool floats and lots of rosé. You’ll have the cutest party pics ever.
  3. Go on a nature hike.
    This may sound boring to some, but hiking in nature can be one of the greatest stress relievers ever. Breathing in the fresh air and being surrounded by trees and beauty is honestly just good for the soul.
  4. Plan a beach day.
    This is a must during your Labor Day weekend. I’m not just talking about an average beach day, I’m talking real preparation. Invite all your friends, bring music (major key), beach blankets, towels, a picnic basket, activities like footballs and frisbees, and a Polaroid camera!
  5. Explore your city.
    As our work-weeks tend to keep us busy bees it’s easy to just stay home during down time and veg out on the couch. This is totally understandable, but Labor Day weekend is an opportunity to step outside the box and check out some things you wouldn’t usually have time for. I love going to art galleries. What’s the art scene like in your city? Have you ever explored it? What about an interesting museum or landmark you’ve never visited. You will not only feel culturally enriched afterward, but you’ll feel more in touch with your city too.Shop Labor Day Essentials

Waning Summer


Come with me on a meander through the waning days of summer in New England, and memories built under the warmth of the sun. It blows me away how quickly this season has flown: how unexpectedly we find ourselves adding a layer in the evening, noticing the path of the sunset towards the south of west, feeling tick earlier of dusk. I even made soup for dinner the other night because everyone was chilly! Just a couple of weeks ago, it as so hot that even the “brisk” (~70F) temp of the Mystic River was tempting.


It also was just a couple of weeks ago a period of summer vacation seemed to be starting, heralded by our open-boat party at the Noank. Hard work prepping in the sun… Niall took it upon himself to help his sisters keep cool while scrubbing deck.


We had a blast welcoming people on board Totem to share what normal life on a cruising boat looks like, from how the fridge works to how small (and sloppy) my two shelves of clothing are. Of course it had to be one of the hottest days of summer! I lost count of the visitors somewhere north of fifty. By the way Don & Lisa — the kids keep asking if they’re going to see Grace again, OK? No pressure…

The only problem with having so many visitors is that source of some truly excellent host gifts got muddled (not these, though- thank you Tammy-Jo, Jim, and Anne!). I have apparently done a good job of communicating my love for dark chocolate, dark rum, and chardonnay… not together, mind you, but mmmm… and you have to love that there is a rust-prevention lubricant in the mix. CRUISER GOLD!


Burning indelible memories by recalling old ones flowed while getting together with friends we haven’t seen in a very long time. My childhood neighbor Wendy invited us to speak at the Ferguson Museum on Fishers Island, which turned into a whirlwind weekend of fun. It was really cool to hang out on their porch, looking out across the lawn to watch boats sailing down the Sound and talking like we’d only seen each other a few months before–not years.


photo: Wendy O’Neil





There has been a host of reunions from all corners: from childhood and young adulthood and new parenthood, college and grad school, Michigan and Connecticut and Seattle.

the peoples



It was a magical spot (secret!), and a great conversation–more on that soon! Meanwhile, does it get much more New England than this?


Also new in our lives this summer, and indelibly impressed, are local Ocean Cruising Club port officer Sandy Van Zandt and his wife Sidney. Circumnavigators who make their fellow salty travelers feel at home on the Mystic River, this wonderful couple has done so much to help us feel welcomed and wanted.


In addition to trading sea stories, they took us on a hike to extensive property that Sidney has worked tirelessly to acquire and preserve for conservation and public access. We couldn’t have had a better or more informative guide to educate us about native plants, invasive species, and dynamics of the environment (such as the pea-soup color of this pond– which is perfectly fine, despite the understandable gut reaction to the contrary!).


Also in the mix, we hosted a few interviews on Totem! These smiley folks visited on behalf of the communications team at my alma mater, the nearby Connecticut College, for an article in the college’s magazine. I love how every time we have these conversations, our kids find a new piece of themselves to be proud of. They know they’re not normal, but don’t always appreciate just how much.


We plan to depart Mystic after Labor Day weekend (just over a week- ack!!), and that list of “things we should do before we go”– like hit (the epic!) Defender for new lifejackets– is taking over.


I admit, the photo from the entrance to Defender’s retail store / clearance outlet below is posed… but this IS the girl who still won’t wear shoes, and carries her flip flops with her to don if required.


It’s not just Siobhan. This is how the troops are shod as we walk up from the river to the Mystic & Noank Library.


Aboard Totem, Jamie works tirelessly on projects to get us ready to go again: here, replacing some slides on the main while Solavore cooks lunch.


I’m getting quality time in with my sister-in-law, hot yoga mornings, and mentally stockpiling these beautiful views. Experimenting with HDR… not so sure about it… feels a little too, I don’t know, Kinkade or something…


Our little corner of the Mystic River has gotten almost too comfortable. It’s wonderful, but we feel the itch, and as much as we’ll miss people here…are looking forward to pointing south towards new adventures soon.


Besides, Siobhan’s wearing fleece already.